Home Security and Automation has never been easier

[email protected]™ is a self-installed wireless Smart Home Solution that enables you to independently monitor and control your home environment from anywhere, anytime and in real time via an intuitive mobile App (iOS and Android).

[email protected]™ fits seamlessly into everyday modern life, enabling people to feel safe and secure about their home and family.

Home security, safety and privacy are the core of the [email protected] product range. You can choose between a self-monitored solution where you are directly notified of events via your mobile devices or you can opt into a back to base monitoring solution where a 24 hour control room is looking after you 24/7.

[email protected] also allows you to enjoy automated connected living by controlling your home devices such as lights, thermostats, cameras, garage doors openers, locks and much more on a single beautifully designed App. With a world standard Z-Wave interface, third party Z-Wave devices can be added at any time as you desire. In addition, Google voice command integration makes [email protected]™ fit seamlessly into everyday modern life.

A pure and intuitive application

The [email protected] app presents an exceptional user-friendly interface that makes everyday usage a pleasure. The App also provides you with the tools to self-install, easily create smart rules, add additional security, video and home automation products to maintain your desired level of multifunctional home management.

A Typical SmartLife Ecosystem


Complete Home Security Management Solution that includes the basic peripherals.

[email protected] Hub / Extender

The [email protected]™ Hub/Smart Extender is the controller for all peripheral devices and a second unit can be added to extend the coverage of peripherals which are beyond the hub’s range, allowing full connectivity to the mobile app and the [email protected]™ servers.

IPD Camera

A unique combination of passive infrared (PIR) motion detection and image capture camera.


With its advanced technology and ease of installation, this PIR motion detector is perfect in any home.

Animal Immune Lens for PIR

Additional Lens that allows the PIR motion detector to distinguish the difference between human and pet.

MGL Reed Switch

Reed Switch Magnetic contact sensor with a modern and compact design for use on Doors & Windows.

Internal Siren

A powerful wireless and battery-operated indoor siren producing 85dBA (from 1M).

Smoke Detector

A 24/7 [email protected] integrated smoke alarm that can also be used as a stand-alone device.

Floor/Water Detector

Designed for high-risk areas such as basements, or near air conditioners, washing machines, sinks, and the like.

Universal Transmitter

Universal Transmitter- This transmitter enables incorporation of third-party legacy-wired peripherals into [email protected]™.

Keypad/Tag Reader

The simplest, user-friendly access control unit. Optional keypad to turn the system on/off.

Remote Control Keyfob

Bi-directional, compact remote control with advanced functions for security purposes, 5-button interface.

Internal HD Pan/Tilt Camera

2-megapixel HD camera for indoor use.

Bullet Camera

2-megapixel HD camera for outdoor use.

Z Wave Compatible

Nano Dimmer

Automate, schedule and manually control any of your home’s wall switches or power outlets using Z-Wave gateways, hubs and apps.

Nano Dimmer Bypass

Bypass has been designed to make Nano Dimmer compatible with ultralow draw loads such as minor LED and CFL installations.

Nano Switch

Convert any two switches or outlets into Z-Wave connected ones for wireless control and automation.  Existing wall switches or power outlets continue to operate as normal.

Nano Dual Switch

Same great functionable as Nano Switch, but able to control 2 x Power loads instead of 1.

Smart Switch 6

Smart Switch 6 is a smart plug that lets you wirelessly control whatever is being plugged into it.

LED Colour Bulb E27 RGBW

This bulb offers 16 million colours and includes dedicated LEDs specific to both daytime and warm white colours. Features dimming, 9 watts and CRI of 80. Fittings include Edison E26/E27

Dynalock V3 Smartlock

A smart lock that lets you easily control access to your home. Stop worrying about lost or forgotten keys, use your smartphone to lock or unlock the door.

Fibraro Relay Switch

Designed to be installed in standard wall switch boxes or anywhere else where it is necessary to control an electric device drawing up to 2500W.

AC IR Extender

This device is a Z-Wave to IR extender for air- conditioner (AC) which works with our [email protected] security platform. Enabling you to control your split system aircon from your Mobile Device.

Aeotec Garage Door Controller

Aeotec’s Garage Door Controller brings the intelligence of the connected-home and Z-Wave to your motorised garage door. Garage Door Controller enhances it with a suite of security and safety sensors to your existing door.

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