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Security Devices for every home and business

A complete home and office management solution providing both security monitoring and home automation on a cloud-based platform. From a single App, you can control devices such as lights, thermostats, and locks as well as monitor or enhance security, safety and privacy with internal and external cameras, sensors and detectors. Independently manage your home or office from anywhere, anytime.

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Independent living technology for seniors

An enhanced Medical Alarm system designed to make independent living at home or aged care facilities easier. A private and non-intrusive way to monitor deteriorating health conditions and provide a reassuring safety for family members and caregivers. Features include advanced alerting capabilities such as fall detection and emergency calling via alert pendants and voice recognition technologies. 

Automate & Control

“Control everything from anywhere.”
Professional security, automation and aged care systems for every home and business. All at your fingertips via your smart phone. 

DIY Installation

“No ongoing technician costs, easily configurable as you add technology.”
Living life fully through smart connected homes and businesses. Simple step by step installation and configuration process. 

Monitoring & Awareness

“Never miss a moment with
24/7 monitoring”
Capture and be alerted of all activites. With self-monitoring you can set alert parameters (Intrusion alarms), set rules (wake and well for the elderly). 


Google Integration

Support for Google Home & Google Nest

Google Home is a smart home device that allows it to act as a personal assistant to whatever you need. [email protected] has enchanced connectivity to Google, providing ease of use and integration.

Google home enabled, it’s as easy as saying “Hey Google, turn on alarm”

Google Automation, control your home automation devices from a single platform.

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The Best in Smart Security
At Globe SmartLife we offer lifestyle tech products for home security, home automation, business security, and assisted smart aged care. Our products are the future of automated living, the key to fortifying yet simplifying
security. They are revolutionizing households and businesses, and completely changing the face of aged care. The Globe SmartLife range consists of home security, smart aged care security, wireless security, smart alarms, back-to-base monitoring, and home automation.

Assisted Smart Aged Care
Whether that be looking after loved ones from their own home or for those that are living in an aged care facility, our smart aged care security system [email protected] provides real time monitoring for family members or caregivers to ensure total safety and security. [email protected] is an advanced monitoring solution designed to extend independent living for the elderly. The [email protected] range includes cloud monitoring station, emergency pendants, fall detection sensors, smoke detector, panic button, wireless sensors and alarms.

Home Security & Automation At Your Fingertips
Home Security and Automation has never been easier with our Home Security solution [email protected]. Home security, safety and privacy are the core of the [email protected] product range; a self-installed wireless Smart Home Solution that enables you to independently monitor and control your home environment from anywhere, anytime and in real time. Globe SmartLife takes living even further and enjoy automated connected living enabling you to control home devices such as lights, cameras, garage doors, openers, locks and much more from a single App. The [email protected] range includes smart hub, motion detectors, wireless alarms, smoke detector, wireless cameras, and home automation capabilities.

Security Systems For Peace Of Mind
Peace of mind is our priority, and Globe SmartLife is here to take care of you; whether it’s streamlining your security systems, making independent living possible and aged care easier, or helping you help others live a fuller and more connected life. Globe SmartLife customers range from providers within the security and healthcare industries, to businesses and homeowners. Please feel free to contact our team [email protected]